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  Annavre : We still miss you (Posted by Nandy)

Annavre : We still miss you (Posted by Nandy)

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When i keep on hearing about massive protests against Kavery tribunal award in Karanataka. I will always remember one name, that is "Annavru" (Dr Rajkumar for others and "Annavur" for all Kanndigas"). Some times i feel that what would have been the impact on protest and pressure on politicians, if "Annavru" is alive today.

How old was I when I first saw a Rajkumar film in a theatre? I must have been 7 years old. The movie I saw was the legendary Bangarada Manushya(re - released in Geetanjali theatre, Malleshwaram).

I was too young to understand that film. But he was looking so natural on the big screen. I understood one more thing that my grandfather ,grandmother,uncle, you can say the whole family, who were watching him in the theatre, liked it a lot.

Rajkumar had a massive fan following in our village. My village is located near Doddaballpura.My villagers especially my uncle and his freinds used to travel 30 to 40 kilometers to watch Annanvru's latest films on Saturdays. Some of them would cover that long distance on a bicycle!

They used to tell us stories about his generosity, great acting skills etc. Rajkumar cinema was the only entertainment these people had in that remote place. For them he was like a family member, a beloved elder brother.

Before I turned 12, I had seen at least 50 of Rajkumar's movies. Starting from Hosa Belaku, Kasturi Nivasa, Gandada Gudi, Bahaddur Gandu, Kaviratna Kalidasa to Mayura. All of his great movies.

My family never used to miss the Rajkumar movies. The great fan of Rajkumar, i have seen in my family was my grandmother. Sometimes i feel that, if she would have been alive today, i would have gifted her the DVD of the movie "Satya Harishandra". She was so fond of that movie.

When i heard the news of Kavery protest and Karnataka Bandh on Monday(12/02/2007), I was thinkng about who is going to lead the bandh and who will guide the millions of kannadigas since our beloved Annavru is no more to lead us, all these thoughts came to my mind as a flashback. For us Annavru was not a mere actor. He was a role model.

Simplicity and love personified. He was always there for Karnataka and its people. Entire state used to look at him whenever there was a crisis. Be it Cauvery dispute or primacy for Kannada and Kannadigas in the state. Rajkumar was there to lead us. For us he was the unacknowledged head of the state.

People outside Karnataka may not be able understand why the death of an actor at the age of 77, brings entire state to halt. They may wonder why millions of people mourn throughout the day.

But for us, there is nothing unnatural in it. We are mourning the death of an elderly man in our own family. Now we have nobody of that stature to lead the state, during its difficult times. Nobody to put the confidence in the minds of millions of people. Nobody who can charm everybody cutting across all sections of society.

It is my firm belief that Rajkumar should n't be compared with anybody else in the country. He shouldn't be described as Big B of South(i have heard Some north indians saying that). Not even with MGR or NTR. Perhaps the only thing they have in common is their unparalleled popularity.

Rajkumar is altogether different. Rajkumar was the unacknowledged chief minister of Karnataka. He was the most powerful public figure in Karnataka for last fifty years. Elected rulers just rule the land. But the great people like Rajkumar rule the heart and mind of people.

He was a super star of Kannada Filmworld but he lived the life like a simple man. We never wanted him to die. He was divine in both his life and death. Karnataka will never be able see another Rajkumar. People like him born once in a Century.

"Annavre" we still miss you.









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